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Informational Kiosk

Proposed is a four-sided information display,  as a key feature of the orientation park

  • Business panel

  • Trail / Forest Service panel

  • "Be a Good Day User" panel

  • History panel

Sample kiosk styles

Proposed kiosk with landscaping, pole signs, pathways, existing toilet and general plaza area.

Possible Kiosk Designs

kiosk alternative.jpg
kiosk alternative 4.jpg
kiosk orginal.png

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The business information panel would identify local businesses and the connecting pedestrian path.   

The Forest Service /Methow Trails

panel would provide information on nearby trail systems 

The "be a good day user" panel would aim to orient the visitor to Mazama values.  It would encourage the visitor to respect the rural values that make Mazama what it is.  

The history of the immediate  area would be graphicly displayed in this panel. 

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