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Mazama has always been envisioned as a pedestrian oriented community.  Developing an all season pedestrian pathway system was identified early on as a priority by the community.  Pathways can provide a major safety asset in Shaping Mazama. 


Providing visitors with a short concentrated pathway system not only sets the tone for the community but gives the distance traveler a welcome opportunity to park and walk.   The loop allows for safely defined pedestrian travel from one end of Mazama to the other.  (Mazama Store to Mazama Community Club playground/play court)


In winter the pathways offer a break to skiing and an activity for the non skier. 

The pathway system creates a landscaped transition between vehicle parking and pedestrian areas.  The parking and pathway system will be sponsored and maintained by the specific land owners that the trail crosses.  Methow Trails will provide packing and grooming as appropriate. 

Existing and Potential Pathways

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For a pathway system to be safe and attractive to users, it should properly interface with driving and parking

ski shop pathway 2022-01-02.jpg

           Safe pathway planning: 

  1.  you drive,

  2.  you park,

  3.  you walk.

   When possible, always in that order

This rendering displays a summer possibility of what was implemented in winter

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