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Early Planning Efforts

Early on there was a unique opportunity to guide the layout of Mazama commercial core to be more than a crossroads of random development.  The Mazama commercial 'core' for this purpose is the four-way intersection and both sides of Goat Creek and Lost River Roads.  It extends to the down-valley entrance of the Methow Trails Corral Parking lot, and up-valley to the furthest edge of the Mazama Store property.


In 2000, a Vision Statement was developed by the community and adopted by Okanogan County, to guide the localized section of the County’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Codes, as they related to the Upper Methow Valley.  The Mazama core was recognized as an area of more intense growth.  The Mazama Advisory Committee offers additional background on this process.


Mazama core stakeholders have been meeting regularly and exchanging ideas since 2008.  The stakeholders include property owners, business owners and managers, Okanogan County, Methow Trails, the Mazama Community Club, and the Mazama Advisory Committee.  Periodic public involvement has also helped form this plan.


A sampling of a few key meetings is listed below:


         2008 A Town center2008 meeting, 2009 public meeting, 2010 meeting, 2012 public comments,


         2018 meeting, 2019 meeting, 2020 meeting, 2021 meeting

Four artistic sketches by Tara Gregg show some of the early concepts and opportunities. 


                                 Click on the picture to enlarge, and scroll through additional images.

What is a Master Plan?

A master plan is a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development.


Master planning is about making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments.

In 2011 Pierre Mare', an architect and planner working for one of the Mazama core stakeholders, developed a draft master plan for the Mazama commercial core.   Some of the elements in this early version have been implemented, and others have evolved into even better solutions.


Click the image below to view the complete plan.   

Master plan title page.png

A Plan for Parking

Methow Trails Corral Parking Lot and Trailhead Plan

The final "as built" parking was adjusted to better address visual elements, capacity, and drainage

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